Tai Chi

Tai Chi emphases on the wholeness/unity, flow of weight, and co-existence of softness and hardness. Keyee believe that were what she wanted to express by using the dancing curves of a triangular form and its beautiful twisting and intersecting effects, she can express the flow, the energy, the fluidity, the hardness and softness, the rhythm, the withholding and striking, etc. of the world of Tai Chi. It is not what one can see in the appearance of Tai Chi postures. It all happens inside the body. 

Cross Hands 十字手
Low Stance 下势
Single Whip 单鞭
Cloud Hands 云手
Like Sealing as if Closing 如封似闭
White Snake Darts Tongue 白蛇吐信
Draw Bow & Shoot Tiger 弯弓射虎
Holding Bird’s Tail 揽雀尾
Needle at Sea Bottom 海底针
Step Back and Dispatch Monkey