Keyee Lam

“If I could live twice, I would share more love with my family. I haven’t done enough in this life.”

An unexpected journey into creativity

Keyee spent her early career as a movie and broadcasting producer and fashion designer. It is her passion, but her heart feels something is missing. 

And then… She had a Tibet journey when she was an interpreter. This adventure ignited her desire to do sculpture. But she never told anyone what happened during the journey. She took the mysterious to the grave, but showed her courage and passion to devote the rest of her life to sculptures. 

In 2002, Keyee came across sculpture. In the same year, she found her love. In the new chapter of her life, we see softness and hardness co-existent. She is romantic, full of dreams, also, has courage and a critical mind. Keyee has always followed her heart. In her limited lifetime, she has countless stories to tell. All her feelings are presented in her sculptures. 

The Sentimental World

Everything is sentimental because we have projected our feelings from the heart. Keyee, as a sculptor, infiltrates her delicate emotions into each of her works. Dead objects can express her spirit. In the meantime, audiences with the sentiment from their hearts, using objects to show affection. We are all part of this sentient world, who is not sentimental?

Along the way, Keyee had a personal blog to share her story by crafting a creative life. The joy, the passion, the emotions, the spirits behind each work. All of it. Let’s dive into Keyee’s personal blog and explore her art journey.


Keyee went to another place, started another chapter of her life. 

She left her arts behind, her message along with her inspiration. We are honored to meet her in our life. We are delighted to present her treasure to the world. Till now, you know Keyee through her sculptures and art journey. Welcome to Keyee’s world! Welcome to the sentimental world!