Welcome to Keyee’s World

Keyee Lam has worked in different industries including movies and broadcasting production, translation as well as fashion. Before 2002, Keyee was a total stranger in the field of sculpture. With her talent and endeavors, Keyee’s works started to shine in a number of exhibitions. In her short life time, she left us gorgeous variety and emotional works. 

We see Keyee as…

“She has accomplished a lot, more than many famous sculptors.”

“She will be the only sculptor who can surpass me in 20 years.”

“She is the only one I know so far, who can manage both traditional clay moulding for figurative, and understand 3D design so well.  It is amazing that she can do 3D in a computer with the exact detailed figurative in mind already. “

“Her sculpture Kow Tau Suit echos with me.  It is me. “

“I won’t say her sculpture is expensive or not.  Look at “Stand by You”, it is Keyee using her life to do it, life is priceless.”

“Journalist, fashion designer, film producer, explorer, translator … how can it be possible for a lady like her experiencing so many, and all in professional ways?  Now from her sculptures, I know the answer.  She is everything.”

“She is a poet. She is a magician”

“She is my best student”

“She chose to depart from hustle and bustle, to take off and to radiate as a recluse.”

“She had a talent for art since young.  She did portrait sketches for classmates in exchange for other gifts”

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